Chloe Hampson-Ward

Chloe Hampson-Ward
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I was raised not too far away in Ilkley and I love the Yorkshire Dales. I’ve lived in the South East, Midlands and New Zealand and all those experiences just made me realise that this region really does have so much going for it.

Chloe Hampson-Ward

Founder of Comms Kick

All about Chloe.

Chloe is the founder of Comms Kick, a successful rural PR agency. She trained to be an actor but got a lot of work in theatres looking at PR. She worked at York Theatre Royal before setting up her own agency in Skipton.

She moved to the area for a better quality of life and has had huge success in the first year of her business and has even been short-listed for some awards.

Placing arts, heritage and culture at the heart of our future.