Zanna Dennis


Zanna Dennis
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Things rarely happen overnight, some projects or ideas won’t always take off, but if you are willing to persevere and learn from your mistakes you will achieve your goals – even if the journey there doesn’t look like you expected and takes longer than you might have thought!

Zanna Dennis

Co Creative Director, Blue Moose dance

All about Zanna.

Zanna is a shepherdess and started her career as a dancer. She went to the Northern Contemporary School of Dance but when she finished her degree, didn’t feel the passion to perform.

After a year of not dancing, she realised her strength was teaching dance to community groups and now loves combining this with looking after her flock of sheep.

In 2015, Zanna started Blue Moose Dance Company with friend, Sarah Hall – a collective that runs community dance projects for young people through to 80 year olds.

In 2020, Zanna took on a new role as Development Officer for the Livestock Auctioneers Association, using her skills developed in the Arts to pursue her true passions for livestock & agriculture.

Placing arts, heritage and culture at the heart of our future.